Selasa, 19 Januari 2016


EGP Charity to Akhlakul Karimah Joyo Grand-Malang 2015

EGP Charity to Akhlakul Karimah Foundation, Joyo Grand-Malang 2015

     EGP members are not only focus in academic but also they must have a social life. therefore, we made program which growing up the soul of social each EGP members so that if they had graduated from college. they already had known what they have to do living in society around them. the EGP charity was conducted on June 25, 2015. at Akhlakul Karimah Foundation Joyo Grand, Malang. The participant was not only from EGP members but also it was supported by Lecturer of Animal Husbandry Fuculty, University of Brawijaya. the donation which collected form EGP members and Lecturers reached Rp. 1.200.000. it was not only money but also donations of clothing from EGP members. we do hope that the donations can give much advantage to the family of Akhlakul Karimah Fondation. hopefully, the donors goodness rewarded by God. Join EGP, Get Pride Be Awesome..

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