Minggu, 01 November 2015


The First Upgrading Of EGP Members 2014

The First Upgrading Of EGP Members 

 The First Upgrading of EGP members was held on June 16, 2014 at Botanical Garden of  Purwodadi, Pasuruan. we went to over there by Angkot (Public Transportation) in Malang. That was so  much fun along the upgrading agenda. starting at playing games, discussing and debating some topic. the purpose of this agenda were to keep solid and to care between EGP members so that they was able to give the best to EGP organization. usually the basic problem of each organization was to keep their members to stand by their organization till the end of the college, but most of all there were many members who less of interest after the basic training. so that's way, we conducted some agenda of upgrading to hold every members so that they can join with us until the end of the college. so we here, it's not only learning about english but also learning how to be responsible, loyal, and committed person which is important after we worked at some big companies in the future.

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