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Sharing and Discussing Cross Culture Between Indonesia-Netherlands 2015

Sharing and Discussing Cross Culture Between Indonesia-Netherlands 2015

Welducation is one program of EGP which is facilitate the student who wants to learn english more. on October, 2015. we had been conducted an interesting event namely "Sharing and discussing cross culture between Indonesia-Netherlands 2015". at that event, we had invited a native speaker, Miss Melanie, form Wegeningen University Of Netherlands. 
we shared and discussed about both culture between Indonesia-Netherlands, there were clear differences in culture between the countries. Miss Melanie said that in Indonesia, the student was too serious in learning, mostly studied hard and just had a little party. it was different of the Netherlands student, because the Netherlands student always had a party and they did not too serious as much as the Indonesia student looked like. but when they studied or had some classes, they were always focus on that class. and when the class was over, they were going to somewhere to have a party.
Miss Melanie also said that in Indonesia, there were so many motorcycles and she asked "why Indonesia people always use motorcycle even though the distance is so near", in Netherlands, the society only used motorcycle when the journey take 3 till 5 hours, more than that they used public transportation. 
Indonesia is rich of the culture, so we had to be proud of being Indonesian. We lived and kept in Unity so that the other country would be jealous with us because we are from different culture but we always kept in Unity "Binneka Tunggal Ika" that is Indonesia. 

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