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Hello Fapeters,
Fapet Jaya Luar Biasa !
Ever seeing foreign students doing activity in this faculty ?
Who are ? YES, They are come from Thailand.
Curious, what they do in here ? How study in Rajamanggala University Thailand ? How Culture on there ?
English Garden for Prosperity (EGP) Fapet UB present 2nd WELDUCATION (Weekly Education).
-With Session-
Let's Share with THAILAND Students
Tuesday, 20th September 2016 [15.00]
At Seminar Room of 5th Building Fapet UB
-how to join ?-
Name_SIN_Enrollment Year_Phone Number Send to 0822-4550-0303 [Henis]

Selasa, 19 Januari 2016


EGP Design Training 2015

EGP Design Training 2015

EGP design training was conducted on November 25, 2015 and  December 03, 2015. the objective of this program was to train the EGP members so that they can know how to design of banner, brochure etc. the trainer was from PRD division namely Mr. Rony Renaldy. the material of design was all about Corel draw and Photoshop. after conducted this program we do hope that EGP members were able to design so that when we held some agenda in future we were easy to choose someone who becomes PDD division so not the man that is all. and we had a plan to conduct this program regularly at EGP basecamp because design training needed to practice as often possible so that they can master all about Corel draw and Photoshop. so just wait the next class of design training by EGP. join EGP and Get pride Be awesome with us. 

EGP Charity to Akhlakul Karimah Joyo Grand-Malang 2015

EGP Charity to Akhlakul Karimah Foundation, Joyo Grand-Malang 2015

     EGP members are not only focus in academic but also they must have a social life. therefore, we made program which growing up the soul of social each EGP members so that if they had graduated from college. they already had known what they have to do living in society around them. the EGP charity was conducted on June 25, 2015. at Akhlakul Karimah Foundation Joyo Grand, Malang. The participant was not only from EGP members but also it was supported by Lecturer of Animal Husbandry Fuculty, University of Brawijaya. the donation which collected form EGP members and Lecturers reached Rp. 1.200.000. it was not only money but also donations of clothing from EGP members. we do hope that the donations can give much advantage to the family of Akhlakul Karimah Fondation. hopefully, the donors goodness rewarded by God. Join EGP, Get Pride Be Awesome..

The Third Comparative Studies To ADC UIN Maliki Ibrahim Malang 2015

The Third Comparative Studies To ADC UIN Maliki Ibrahim Malang 2015
It was EGP commitment to build wide relationship inside or outside campus of Brawijaya University.  The third Expand relationship had been done already, went to english club of UIN Maliki Ibrahim Malang. it was warmed welcome by  ADC (advance debate community) as english club of UIN Maliki Ibrahim Malang. Even though, just few members of ADC that welcome Us (EGP Members) but ADC people was very friendly dan welcome us. Over there we were not only discussing about profile each organization or sharing how to overcome problem in management. 
But also, we discussed about programs forward which possible working together as english club cross-university. Of course there were always obstacle in any organizations, but just a little organization which was able to solve the problem by theirselves. that's way, we were going to expand relationship with the other english club, so that we can adopt the their ways to solve obstacle which comin' in the management or member of english club itself. we hope EGP become much better as long as growing up in the next future. Get Pride and Be Awesome, that is a jargon of EGP