Jumat, 06 November 2015


Training How To Be A News Anchor 2015

Training How To Be A News Anchor 2015

 Once again, there was a interesting training which is held by EGP, that was training "How To Be A News Anchor". at this time, the speaker, Miss Anggia Mirza, came from English Major of Malang University. Miss Gia gave some tricks and tips how to be a news anchor well. throughout the training, the participants was not only given a theory but also they directly practiced in front of the others. that was so fun training ever. 
the purpose of this training was to build a confidence each members of EGP to speak in front of people and also to give some information about news anchor to EGP members so that they were able to join news anchor competitions in the future.
EGP as english club of Animal Husbandry Faculty would be facilitating the students who want to learn all about english. we would give the best to all members EGP especially and Animal husbandry Students in common. 
there were always some interesting agenda with extra ordinary speaker in the next. so just wait and see. EGP is Here! Get Pride Be Awesome with Us

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