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The Third English Basic Training 2013

The Third English Basic Training 2013

Day by day, EGP became awesome and got much impression to many students of Animal Husbandry. as a proof, so many students which ware register to EGP organization. The third basic training was much more giving impression to the third generation of EGP members. The basic training was held for two days. throughout the agenda was full of fun things, there were some performances of new member at that time starting at dancing, singing and reading a poem. and of course at the end of agenda who has given good performance would be given some gift by the committee.
There were some games along the agenda with the purpose to keep solid between EGP members in the future. the president of EGP was Mr. fredyan Isnan Effendi at that time. during his management, there were so many some upgrading of EGP organization and having many programs. we hoped, EGP became best of the best in the future and known well all of people especially in Indonesia and Around the world in common. see you on the top! and Get Pride Be Awesome With EGP!,, :-)

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