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The Second Upgrading of EGP Members 2015

The Second Upgrading of EGP Members 2015

The second Upgrading of  Members EGP was conducted at Singosari Temple on February 15, 2015. it was at Mr. Fredyan Isnan Managements. we went over there by motor cycle. the agenda was more interesting than the last upgrading, because over there full of playing games and games and games, but of course there were some discussing also about how to keep loyalty and how to manage members of EGP organization. we invited both ex presidents of EGP organization, Mr. Putut Bayu Wara and Miss Ilga Maharani.
the games which we play over there, were the first game which called by Pipe Hole, the role of playing pipe hole was, somebody had to fill the pipe hole till the pipe's full and the challenge of this game somebody had to close the pipe hole by their hand. and the second game was to light the wooden matches on the styrofoam. during the upgrading was so awesome, cuz everybody was so happy and laugh, laugh and laugh often. but it didn't mean they lose their mind guys. and the third upgrading will be held as soon as possible just wait and see, and of course it will be full of fun things, cuz ONE D. said live while we young. so that's way we had to spend our young with positive and fun things. see ya! and see you on the top.

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