Senin, 02 November 2015


The First Comparative Study To ESP FTP UB 2014

The First Comparative Study To ESP 
FTP UB 2014
 One of EGP programs was going to another english club in Universitas Brawijaya or the other university around Malang. the main objective of this program was to build and to expand relationship between english club so that we were able to share about how to master and to overcome obstacle learning english. we already had been going to english club of  Agriculture Technology Faculty in 2014. over there we was discussing how to manage english club so that the members had high motivation joining english club until the end of their education at University of Brawijaya. we also talked about how to overcome problem which coming in the management. and of course we try to find some programs that we can do together as english club of  Brawijaya University. Joinin' EGP! Get Pride Be Awesome with us. :-)

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