Minggu, 15 November 2015


Students Exchange of EGP Members to Thailand 2013

 Students Exchange of EGP Members  to Thailand 2013

In 2013, there were some members of EGP having students exchange to the Thailand free transportation. wow!, you wanted that right, going oversea free no budget at all. if wanted to get all of that, please listened and followed the steps below
@ First: you had to have strong intention by your heart that your dream to go around the world will come true.
@second:you had to be able to speak english because it was becoming international language, so that you will be able to interact with international society.
@third: you had to be proactive person to get every opportunities which come to you. looking for information about how to go around the world by sponsorship or scholarship.
@fourth: Pray and don't give up, and believe that no longer your dreams will come true.
EGP will always facilitate the students who want to learn english more. just joinin' EGP and Get Pride Be Awesome with us.

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