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Seminar " How Go To Abroad" 2015

Seminar " How Go To Abroad" 2015

Seminar "How Go To Abroad" was conducted on June, 6, 2015. the seminar was so special because invited speaker from IDP and students who already have been going to oversea. on the seminar speaker gave some tips and tricks how go to abroad by sponsorship or scholarship. there were many scholarships in Indonesia or abroad which is offered by education institutional or company. and of course, in additions, the student who wants to get the scholarship must be able to speak english. speaker from IDP said also that if you needed some helps to get scholarship inside or outside country you can ask or come to IDP company for detail information. 

The purpose of the seminar was to motivate Animal Husbandry Students especially or  students of the faculty in Brawijaya to go to abroad free. Mr. Azmi and Miss Susi said that if you want to go to abroad free, you have to take every chance which come to you such us join international paper competition or international conference. a lot of international competitions had been there waiting for you. and of course you had to learn english before you joined international competitions. because mostly some competition must be in english. 

Throughout the seminar was full of fun things, because we were not only learning tips and tricks how go to abroad but also there were fun things such us music performance, door prize, and sausage party. we do hope, after this seminar there will be any students who have interested to go to abroad free. EGP as english Club of Animal Husbandry Faculty will always facilitate student who wants learning english. Joinin' EGP! Get Pride Be Awesome with Us. :-)

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