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Opening Ceremony Of Welducation Programs 2015

Opening Ceremony Of Welducation Programs 2015

Welducation (Weekly Education) is one of EGP programs which facilitated the members who want to learn english deeply. Opening ceremony of this program was held on March 19, 2015 at basement of the second Animal Husbandry building. we invited native speaker From Japan and this agenda, we also had milk shake and yogurt party along the talk show, beside that we invited Kandang music organization of Animal Husbandry Faculty. the talk show was so amazing, full of enjoyment, and crowded mostly.

the purpose of this ceremony was to give some information to all of Animal Husbandry Student that we as english club at this faculty would like to facilitate student who want to learn english more, so that students were able to join some competition inside or outside country. but it was just the beginning, we can force our ideas to the other, so we were just facilitate, all of things depended on the students themselves.

we do hope, after conducted this agenda, the student of Animal Husbandry Faculty, Brawijaya University, Malang will have high and strong motivation to learn english more. so Jonin' EGP! Get Pride Be Awesome with Us,,

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