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Great Deliberation Of EGP 2015

Great Deliberation Of EGP 2015
 The second Great Deliberation was held on January, 2015. at that time had been discussing about accountability report of the last management and also elected new president who will lead EGP on forward. each division, HRD, PRD EDUCATION included President and secretary, must have accountability report that will be reported to the all of members of EGP. along the agenda was full of high tension, because  many members asked to the each division about their accountability report which had been working or not.
throughout the great deliberation was leaded by Muhammad Irwan as the first chairman of the session, Rudi Agustian as the second of chairman of the session and Lailatul Fitriyah as secretary.
In the middle of the agenda, there were three candidate of the president EGP forward, that was Mr. Fredyan Isnan Effendi, Mr. Andy, and Miss Sa'adiah Meilani. after conducted some warm election, the result showed that Mr. Fredyan Isnan Effendi who had been chose as President of EGP forward. the Secretary was Miss Sa'adiah Meilani, and the treasurer was Mr. Andy. and we do hope, after conducted great deliberation, EGP are going to have good progress on forward. so that known well anywhere we stand. Joinin' EGP!, Get Pride Be Awesomewith Us.:-)

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