Senin, 02 November 2015


Debate Training By Bayu from FORMASI UB 2015

Debate Training By Bayu from FORMASI UB 2015
It was one of progression welducation program in EGP. the purpose of this program was to give some tips and tricks how to get championship every debate competition in regional or international. the debate expertise came from FORMASI organization of Brawijaya University. Mr. Bayu gave some tricks that " Please, don't be nervous, just deliver your ideas clearly, and make sure that your ideas are clear enough to rebut your competitor"
This training was also to prepare members of EGP joining debate competition at Universitas Brawijaya. so that the members were not surprise along joining the debate competition. Joinin' EGP! we are not only get some english knowledge but also get another skills and get new friends from the other faculty. :-0

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